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a mundane thursday

just spent the day studying. or rather talking and chilling with A and S today.

both great and mindless conversations make my day(: amidst all those ramblings, serious studying was done, dont get me wrong.

then A went off to have dinner with her friends. S and I made our way to the foodcourt to have dinner

a simple dinner together with S taught us both a few important lessons. Its funny how a simple dinner like todays could lead one to make life altering changes, AHEM. am i right, S? yeah well, we both realized we’re pretty similar in more ways than one. bitched about by many, looked down on by few, dying to make a name, get out, begin fresh.not to mention the constant betrayal by socalled friends. a lesson we never seem to learn. but now we have each other to remind us of what may happen.

So i learnt a few things today,

firstly, people are always going to be self centred, it simply cannot be helped. I don’t know where i get the thought of putting friends before myself. must blame parents (;

secondly, we all need real friends to stick by us and real friends dont necessarily have to be there 24/7, as long as you are one I can count on when I need a shoulder to cry on.

thirdly, Time is really taking its toll on us, we rarely seem to have time to stop and think about our actions. All we ever want to do is have fun, and live life to the fullest. We never stop to think twice, about how it may affect us, or the people around us- not random people, but those who actually care about us.

If we were lucky enough to find a fistful of people who really had genuine care and concern for us, we should not be too stupid to throw it away. Like the lesson I learnt when my true friends showed up, when I got retained or when I got the entire problem. People who constantly never fail to make me see the truth in who I am. Yes, I’m indeed very thankful.

I may not be blessed in many aspects, such as alot of money, or someone with alot of brains. But God gave me a wonderful family, and an equally great bunch of friends, whom i could have never made it through some tough time without. So for all this, and more, Im blessed.

And I’m actually very happy about it. I don’t need a man to keep me fulfilled. Ive got better, more meaningful things in life. And thats all that matters(:

good day! 


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