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brand new week

so once again, its the beginning of a new week.

the weekend was pretty alright.

fireworks with the family followed by dinner at mirchis.

i din’t eat much, got to stick to the plan(:

sunday was our weak attempt to study

ended up talking way too much.

guess we kinda gave up on TDMC

but its all good, i think.

went to exercise again with V

T was such a sweet person, he really seems to be going out of his way to get us the best price for the membership(:

farid is a bloody hot mat.. but mat nonetheless.

i am looking forward to friday cos it marks the end of our exams(:

that would bring me to four more months, before i hit the real world.

not really looking forward to that, but can’t escape reality.

better embrace it then,right?

V was telling me of all the shit they did in school.

reminded me of all the times in my school, where we aimlessly killed time.

all the random outings, talking and making utter fools out of ourselves.

never thought school would be that fun.

not that i’m complaining about life here.

its great.

when has reminscing ever brought good?

K’s going to leave next month, a family member leaving.

she brought so much more into my life.

it was like having a sister. sigh, im definitely going to miss her when she goes.

bloody hell.my life’s going to suck, no one would be there to talk with me.

won’t have someone who would know what i’m going through.

no one to run to in the mornings to complain about every random thing.

no one to complain to. no one to go shopping with. no one to watch tv with. no more spontaneous movie outings.

no more nonsense clubbing, no more dinners at dr6. won’t be the same.

but she’s living her dream. so she’s got to go do it. then she can come back, and we’ll all be one happy family again.

36months. is such a bloody long time. AH. owells.

so many people i need to meet up with.

C and I are going to catch the westlife concert, for old times sake(:

Havent met E, I, A, B, TL, KK, ES, J, D and all the rest. will have to make time.

till then.

i need water.


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