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hope the well runs dry.

so i’ve got a bad flu.

its been going insane on me. hopefully it gets better, cos i definitely can’t go round with this.

Despite not having any valid reason to watch the sunrise, i was up early. being nice and all, i decided to follow kanda on her trip around town while she did her medicals and looked for books.

oh,hohoho. i sent her up to CF to clear our lockers and have been avoiding T the entire day. no room for guilt trips, ive got bigger problems. well not that huge but yes.

anyways, i got an email from wonderful G. funny how i told myself i’d never write about him, but here I am back at square one.he’s back in Aussie. safe and sound. recuperating from the overdose of everything. he said all i needed to hear, funny how he always says the right things.or maybe i just take whatever he says as the right things.who knows.but yeah, his email made my day, as it always does. he spoke of how it was nice to have a two sided conversation with me for once. his little trips never fail to remind me of better times.

i should have just left when my parents wanted me to. then i probably would be doing the same now. but whats done is done.

he talked of all sorts of nonsense and is even looking forward to school.hahaha G. ah damnit. how come all i wanna do is run away from the past but i sit here, wanting to go back? why do i have to leave the good  to get away from the bad? give and take right, yes thats what they call it.

oh i got the job(: so thats a good thing, some form of money. lets just hope it lasts yes. word has it that more students are joining.have to see how that goes.all i need is a nice job, with nice people, so i won’t have a hard time. But I like this place. its got so many things. i’m dying to drown in this place.lets just hope i can read abit more. my dad’s pretty glad i got the job.he said, good read more,gain more,you’re dumb now.

yes, so the exams end this friday, marks the end of “endless” studying and the beginning of a new study term.

err, by the way, all of you reading, comment lah. nicely meet me then talk about it. follow my rules lah damnit. why you think I made them.thanks.hohoho.

just as i had the slightest urge to pick up faith, i was showed another reason to let go.


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  1. now this is my first comment. G and more G..he never fails to sweetalk u. rahh..shut up abt how i look aft facial okay!! n i want more of jap ice cream..its NOT SINFUL its BEAUTIFUL.

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