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the end of a school week!

alright!since there isn’t school tomorrow, i have to rejoice. won’t have to look at her face for three days. praise the lord. so the weeks been pretty good. except for the whole job thing, communication skills really make you go, errr okay. For a pretty huge company, its just sad.

I seriously hope they call me, I really want to work there. Im having dreams about working there -exaggeration-. I need the cash badly, I’m having a hard time supporting my daily necessacities lah.

Anyways, the chalet preparation is in motion, i hope people don’t tua us and come empty handed, i.e. without liquor. we booking chalet and are getting the food. We’ve got nearly 40odd people. That averages to about 20 bottles to last us the entire night.We’ll have to figure something out then. I hope all the work we’re putting in is going to be worth it. We don’t want the party to crash just cos of lack of booze. That would really suck. Telling classmates to bring booze.We will really just have to see how it goes.

Been meeting V, B and K the past few days. It really is amazing how small sgp can get. To think we all know each other one way or another. And I just found out one of the boys in my class was actually from my secondary school. And was the same year. And we just realized it today, after nearly 5mths. funny.

SF is starting to scare me, meeting random people? I don’t know. What she’s doing isnt good, and I don’t want to go “I told you so” when something screws up. I’d rather she just stop doing it. We are really opposites. Its very weird. I can never do half the shit she does. I can’t wait for her to grow up, we all know its a phase. I just hope her phase disappears soon. Either that, or hanging out with people like us rub off on her quick. Cos her lifestyle is scaring me.

I have to meet CL soon, probably would be the day EK leaves. Cannot believe we’re actually going for the concert, hope I dont go deaf. But its going to be really fun. Even if the concert were to suck, i am definitely going to feel 14 again. With CL next to me, hahahaha. oooooo,can’t wait.

AR is going into camp soon, prata soon pits(: no playing, you will meet me when you’re baldie. hohoho.

MOS this weekend again. But this time when we leave, its going to be cool(: HAHAHA. Can’t wait for saturday. Tralaala.oh oh today, some of my classmates went to ask the other boys if JI was hot and all of them went no. Instant high. HAHAHA. OJP can even come out with ways to embarass the shit out of her. insecurity. its amazing.

i have been receiving weird calls from guys who say ive been chatting with them on the IRC. In this era, seriously? Aiyah, whoever it is whos been passing my no around can keep doing it. I have free incoming, doesnt really make a difference. And I’m a different personality with every call. feels like I can be anyone I want to be?


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