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now i know.

now i know what it feels like to have someone leave you.

i did not realize how deeply i depended on her.

she knew all my darkest secrets.

seen me cry, laugh, get angry. she’s basically seen every possible part of me.

she was the only one i ran to for every tiny problem.

nothing’s going to be the same as having her in the next room.

the things she’s done for me, no one would ever do.

she stood by me throughout my lowest moments.

and she did not even have to care.

why bring someone so close to me and send them away?

whats the joy derived from this insane twist?

KANDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.why must your career change affect me so much?!

no, its a good thing. you’re living your dream.

ohgod, please don’t let anything bad happen to her.take good care of her. don’t let her get sick. let her be well liked for all that she is. let everyone see what i see in her everyday. let everyone there realize what a great person she is despite her nonsense.

of all the silly things we did together.to all the nights we stayed up, talking and laughing. to all the wonderful memories. to watching V grow fat to thin. to watching JD grow from thin to fat.To the wonderful dinners at dr6. All the blk85 dinners. All the atas dinners. All the clubbing. All the grouchy mornings.To all the mad JB trips.

To a family member.

Enjoy Dubai. enjoy flying, all the different countries.enjoy living your dream.

Just come back home to us, cos we’re all waiting.

I miss you and your huge nose kanda. And it hasnt even been 2hours.bollocks.


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