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i sure felt 14 tonight, and it felt so 2000 with CLHZ next to me.

Except for the fact that she’s so dressy.From Giordano tops and burms, we (or rather, She) has changed. Floral dress, heels and a pink handbag!! I felt like a boy next to her(: Jeans and polo for me.

We upgraded and shifted to the 80bucks seats, which was a hell lot better man!! Neither of us felt anything till the moment the lads came out unto stage. Then it all came back. I would never forget Flying Without Wings ended my last concert. This time, after 5 years, it began my concert. Everything came flooding back. ALL (which is still unbelievable) the nonsense we used to do for these fellas. Gosh the amount we spend when we were barely 15.Weight Loss programme.

The concert this time was very different from the last one. The previous one was filled with ballads, which made me go weak AT THAT TIME. This time it was all jazzed up, medlies from MJ, acapella of PCD with the boys shaking it. It was really spicy this time. True, we barely knew the lyrics to the new song. But whats worse, the entire most pit went silent when Shane encouraged singing amidst the older songs. CL and I sang till our throats felt sore.

Flying Without Wings


Uptown Girl

MJ songs

JT’s single.


Swear It Again

PCD’s Don’t Cha.

Some new song.

Swear It Again

and lastly, Mandy.

They left, and came back for an encore!

Queen of my Heart

What Makes A Man

You Raise Me Up

That marked the end of an hour odd concert. Even now, I would say it was money well spent. We decided to buy the front row tickets for their next performance.

HAHAHA. I enjoyed myself through and through.

Oh other than that, my parents collected the new car today!!!! It is HUGE. MPVs are the bomb man! I can’t wait to drive.

We’ve got the stereo upgraded, got the whole dvd thing installed. The interior is strangley similar to those of the BMWs though. Wasn’t unique, but hey, whos complaining? I’m loving it!!! So my brother picked us up after the concert and CL was being interrogated by my mom about JI. Wonderful best friend din’t have anything good to say as usual(:

It was great talking to her over dinner and all. Always feels the same. lazyass complaining about every single thing.

HAHAHA it was hilarious to see you all fidgety in the stadium man. HAHAHA.

alrights, this week had the DOWNER and the UPPER.

but we still feel it.

EKKKK feel better lah okay, once monday rolls in, you’ll be busy as hell, won’t even come online to chat with us ):

Oh!! I begin training on monday(: finalllyyyy. A nice job. Gotta save for Dubai.

Alright I need sleep.

Meeting J tomorrow for coffee(:


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  1. when are you meeting me for prata?! grrrr….

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