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maybe it will get better?

training has begun,its been pretty good. besides the fact, that once again, i’m not feeling well.

SA and AY are in this thing with me, so yeah, getting to know them better.

Today after the training, we were just sitting around with GB talking about,well. nonsense. it was kind of funny though.

i’m talking to RP online. hahaha here are a few things I don’t really let people know. HAHAHA.

I do not like to talk on the phone.

I am not racist.

I will always listen to my mom.

I get startled and shout if someone opens my door when i’m sleeping.

I am very afraid of walking home alone at night.

I am not at heartless as I seem to be.

Men dressed in white are always a plus.

I don’t tell people I care.

I only bitch to pass time. (it always seems to break the ice)

Peoples’ opinion does matter.

I am conservative.

and lastly,

I did ONCE, say I would drop my pants for someone in singapore. but i din’t of course.

The name shall only stay between RP and me.

bloody hell.

Training till next wednesday. Missing school. Classes.But Melissa told me she’d pass me her notes, thank mel(:

The chalet’s this weekend. What did I say? Classmates. No actually, its just people. Sometimes, you don’t trust mere acquaintances blindly. Ive learnt that. hell, if you can’t trust family or friends, who are acquaintances? lets just hope, it doesnt become a letdown for the rest. Cos, the girls are putting alot of effort into it. People take for granted, in life, many things.

I’m sick and have not been breathing right.think shall try my own tomorrow. stealing from the brotherrrr(:

nights everyone.


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