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end of many things.

training ended today. thank god. i doubt i would have been able to go another day stoning infront of the tv till 6.

the weekend was alright. the class chalet was enjoyed by majority. mission accomplished. doesn’t really feel like much of an accomplishment though. being sober for the first time at a chalet. its funny in an odd way seeing people behave. to think that i probably used to behave like one of them. utter rubbish spewed, nonsensical behavior,ending with a insane barf ride.not forgetting the award winning hangover. i was saved from all of those. felt like a little piece of heaven.

sunday was the chalet too. this time, we just sat around. talked alot. diddn’t take much pictures though.again,we’ll do it again. SW’s having another chalet this week, but ohwell. probably wouldnt go. manjen, paiseh, our paths not meant to cross. i promise,ill do the next asking out. promise.

by the time i got home on sunday night, it was three. just stoned infront of the tv. early for the first time.

last night, i decided to have supper with RP. don’t know what came over to meet him but i did. darling G has a new tattoo. it reads Alle, on his wrist. ALLE. HELLO?! supposedly to be allison lah. but RP told me he went there with the intention of getting Allegra.shrugs, i dont know what he’s doing frankly. whats the point in getting my nick name etched on his wrist? what is that supposed to mean?! WHY WHY WHY.abit mad right. i shall wait for him to tell me, before i get all vulgar with him. bloody mad dog. i just don’t know what to think. what am i supposed to think? cb, why do you always do this to me?AHH whatever.

J came down to the place this evening.i really do like meeting him. we always have these conversations, conversations that are so open. i’m glad i have the three of them. to have them beside me since 13 is no joke. ups and downs, good and bad. everything. its alot easier to talk to them about everything. cos we’re very similar in most ways. and we aren’t that immature neither mature. HAHA, making sense? its just nice. we talked abt everything tonight. life’s really taken a toll on us. to think we appear to be all happy. we somehow have been absolutely oblivious to the situation. we’ve just reached a point where very few things seem to affect us. we spoke of how my classmates were commenting about a certain someone. to think after all the facts i stated, i did not have a definite impression or feeling towards this person. its just in me to keep running i guess. the same way i ran from SHSS. the same way i ran from NYP. lets just hope nothing screws up here, cos i havent got anywhere else to run to.

like i said, life’s alot easier with a front. the walls are up and i’m well guarded. don’t let anyone near me. it rarely seems to work for me.

life just seems alot easier with the world knowing nothing.


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  1. oh right, after forever you decide to pass me the address.
    screw the proper life.
    ive got a better idea
    we’ll deal with G’s promise LATER!

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