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a little after thought

start of the week again.

manjen decided to bail on me(: after countless apologies, we’re okay.

the things i do for a BEST FRIEND. hahaha. (:

maybe i’m being abit too mean?

maybe i should just ignore her existance.

its actually abit funny.

i feel all alone despite constantly having people around me.

not lonely, alone mind you. and no, its not the lack of a male either. so don’t start the talking.

its like while with everyone, i still felt as if i was very much alone.

time stops when music plays,                                                                                                                                    

and only you come to mind.

lazy nights on wet grass.


5 Responses

  1. ting-ga-ling-ga-ling….
    im on mc..decided to SQEEEEEZE SQUEEEZE ive to get my ass back to work n I TAGGED ALRIGHT!! missing u!! love love!

  2. lazy nights on wet grass. i cant seem to get my head around the fact that you still think of him constantly.
    and i cant stand how you easily brush me off when i talk to you about it, and actually make sense. your fucking blog is my last resort.

  3. hello friend
    how are you?
    it’s been a while huh…
    hope you still remember who i am
    just drop by to see how you’re doing
    take care of yourself ya
    may not see you as often as we used to but do remember i haven’t forgotten you yet
    hang out soon?

  4. hellllo anybody there? rahh

  5. hello daphne, B(yes i do know who you are)
    of course i haven’t forgotten. alot easier said then done.
    daphne, yes yes i am here.

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