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decision made.

i made my decision last night.

i don’t want to be with G anymore.

I am going to force myself to move on, however hard it might be, however long it might take.

it was a tough decision, especially to be made known to G.

but i’d rather let him know how i feel, then to put myself through all the crap all over again.

so here i stand, brand new, afraid to face the world.

it feels rather odd, not knowing what might be out there.

being too used to something isn’t going to do me any good.

all raw. thats how its going to be.

just need a little time.

i’m off.

got to clean the house.


One Response

  1. stupid ass. its as though u are in a different planet. bluddy hell. pick up that phone and dial my number! grrr..

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