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the irony.

i met the manjen today, a nice morning call from him. woke up really moody, made my way down to town, where i was told no movie cos kk was going to be joining us in a while. in that while, we could have caught a movie. manjen owes me, i don’t care. slacking around with him is always fun. all the sense amidst mindless ramblings, never fail to crack me up. so i sleep with phone dealers to get my phone switched every few months. his wonderful theory. how women are so easy these days, a bit of sweet talk and men got all they ever want. not with all women, not with all women. he looks like such a mat, skin color, hair, everything. i like his sense of style, laid back yet so bloody hot.

the little angmoh kid staying with us the past week has left. it was indeed interesting having him around. the things 13yr olds engage in these days. -shakes head- 

i’m back on one tree hill again. i seriously like the show loads. hahaha, sinful indulgence. season 3 man! literally, ohmygod. -jaw drops- no exaggeration. haley returned. there was this scene, which felt so familiar. nathan told her he couldn’t go back to her, for now, if ever. after all the bull he’d been through, he needed time for he finally got his heart back to where it first belonged. finally, when she asked him what was to become of them, all he could say was how he needed time, needed time to figure it out. “always and forever hales, i still love you, but i don’t know if i could trust you again.” i just knew how he felt. it felt so real. all that she said, was all i would have killed to hear. “i’m going nowhere Nathan,going nowhere.” the reel world makes it all seem so easy.

you turn off the light and its all the same darkness.


2 Responses

  1. mr.manjen is hot? eppo lah! hahaha.. and i cant wait to meet u, talk cock and take lotsa pics 🙂

  2. his style is hot lah, not him.

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