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birthday pleasantries.

it was a great way to bring in the birthday. dinner at the Oasis, followed by drinks at Axis(: thank you R. indeed very kind of you to spin me round to the old song. I enjoyed every moment of it. You managed to make it all nice, especially since its the first birthday without him. You made it all good. Thank you very much.

Tonightttt, I have dinner with my family. yummyyy.

Other than that, I have no clue where I stand for JnB. I am afraid, very afraid.

Thank you, for the gifts. Thank you for everything. Glad to have the scent you like so much. oh, and the incanto! thank you. next year, patrickSTARRR.

oh and thanks everyone for the well wishes(: nice being 16!


One Response

  1. You’re very welcome.
    You’ll never have to spend a birthday alone kiddo.
    Not with me around.
    I’m always going to be here, too.hahaha. since G’s also always there.

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