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At the crossroad.

you want to say you’re sad, but you’re not. you want to say you’re happy, but you’re not either.

you try to fill the void with love, doesnt work. you try to drown it with alcohol, doesn’t work.

you see everything, yet you see nothing.

maybe, you’re at a crossroad, but you haven’t got much choices.

so you walk around with this look plastered all over your face.

it fools everyone, it fools the world.

yet you come home, and all you feel is a depth of sadness you never knew existed in you.

all you want to do is cry.

don’t you feel stupid?

what the heck are you crying about?

you’re not leading a sad life.

you’re just not.

why did it hit you, of all people?

maybe everyone feels it.

there was once, i was pure, full of faith, and innocent.

now, i’m not even sure what fills me.

the innocence’s been destroyed, so easily.

faith’s just become too invisible to hold on to.

how is it possible to see everything, yet nothing?

i read and i read, and i learn, and i try to pick up new things.

in hope that something i do along the way, would show something closely resembling what i’m looking for.

what i think i’m looking for.

at this point, it feels like anything would be better then feeling this way.

not knowing what you’re feeling.

your heart beats so fast for no apparent reason.

nothing excites you, nothing saddens you.

maybe if you keep the smile, you’d soon believe in it too.

who cares, if its empty right?

i’m tired of the violent shaking.


2 Responses

  1. okay as per your order, i’ve updated! go read!! poi padi magalae! :p

  2. hello.
    sometimes, life just takes a toll.
    you lose faith.
    but you’re not supposed to stop believing in yourself.

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