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Amidst studying, Angie decided to play a game with us. Four male names to all four Ace cards. So, since I’ve only got one man, Gerard took the first. Then came T, for fun. Then, i ran out of names. So I whacked Rusan and Rapunzel.  Big mistake. Majority of my cards played in favor of the last two. You’re basically supposed to ask various questions regarding the men. Not many fell for G. But a few good ones played well. Apparently, T and I would read books together. joke, really. This leads to only one thing, the game isn’t true. It seemed to play well for both Angie and Sharlane. Just not me. Or maybe I was being an idiot, I shouldn’t have whacked those two names right. I give two people who I don’t even think about, and everything revolves around them.

I thought everything would be you. Cos it always has been. but when have I ever been the one to believe these, right. Moving on, forgetting. The game helped me forget. 


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  1. you steal my boyfriend and I’ll be your bridesmaid. Hello what kind of game is that !!

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