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cassuarina curry.

hung out with bazilah and razinah.dinner at cassurina(: we still prefer thomson. thomson’s home.hahaha. tonight as we had our dinner, we talked of how everything has left us with no time for each other. i had to shake my head. i don’t even have time for my good friends. two people who helped me through the bullshit i went through in nanyang. how did it come to this. tonight i promised them, it would be different. since school’s out, i have more time. and it will be back to basics. back to how we all were. it was really fun. we talked about everything. from how school has terribly changed with all of going our own ways, to our wonderful dream of opening our own cafe!! logistics, HRM and RTM. HAHAHA. i cannot believe we had that dream since year1. we spoke of our current classmates. as i sat there, listening to them, i realized how smiliar we are. more ways than one. how one of us says one thing, and all of us shake our heads. thanks bazilah for the presnt, you know what i want(: i loved the card. that night at the carpark, we will relive it once again on wednesday!! i’m really excited. back to basics. rabasha:D i love them both to bits.

which reminds me, i have tons of people to meet. usha, serene, charlene, sunny, harie, daphne, jeanne, vincente, bav,vanitha,sivan, khorkai,minyi,raj. NOT TERRY. its going to be packed this holidayyss. we havent found the time to hang out like we used to. really hang out, everythings always so rushed. we rarely have time to sit down and really catch up.

i finally have the time to take things slow. one step at a time. now all i have to focus on is the graduation project. i’m glad i won’t have to go to school. spending three hours where we don’t do much. won’t have to see people whom i’m just tired of seeing. the feeling of seeing them too often has gotten to me. i don’t know why, i never felt that in nanyang.i always looked forward to school. maybe its cos we all had a ulterior motive. be it stitch or argentina or mr boo or ROAR or mrgan. hanging out in SPT, gym, lifestly, PrettyFace.

MAN I HAVE SO MANY MEMORIES IN NANYANG. the umbrellas, south canteen, smoking area, north canteen, STADIUM, carpark and lastly, mcds. big sigh. nights where we left nanyang around 10ish 11.

hahaha, damn. ohwell. on to other things, parents bought me my ipod and new camera(: how nice of them. dinner at hyatt with the family for my birthday too. then we had jeevan’s birthday lunch at goodwood park. ahhh.

alright. i think i’m about done updating. oh, i need GA season3.


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  1. no comments

  2. im jealous that you met up with razzie and bazzie.

    from the brainy child aka BC!

  4. hahaha, jealousssssss.

  5. its casuarina curry! ask me out lah! i haf discount there! hahaha… but well, bomb prata at thomson prata house still rocks, and the “uncles” there too. hahaha.. but i forgot, ur boyfriend works at casuarina! haha..

  6. im glad for our little session thou u made me wait half an hour and i have to have late lunch. love u all e same. and snap away w yr 7.2 mega pix!! hehe..i’ll make sure i move the next time – just to test the anti-shake function!!!!

  7. Im a bc!

  8. and i am a nigger wannabe.
    i like to chill with my homiessss.

  9. oei, (almost) chomps not important enough to update isit. walking along big houses not important enough to update isit. talking to random stray dogs not important enough to update isit!! cheeeeeeeeeeeeebye

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