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offfffffff dayyyyyyyy.

i seem to make a huge commotion about my off days, when in truth, i really enjoy going to work. it may not pay as much as one would like, but it keeps me more than afloat. anddddddd there are other important factors 😉

on to other things. people are never what they seem, and i can only thank God, i chose Angie. I shall not dwell on things that i have utterly no interest in. This isnt a lesson to be learnt. Its a lesson I learnt a long time ago with other friends, and Ive watched my steps with these few, now I’m glad I did. For you never know who would turn their back on you now, would you.

And I miss talking shit with mr Singapore is going to die without me.

ANDDDDDDDDDDD. most importantly, I always fall for the wrong men. Not wrong for me, but wrong in the sense you’ll never get. unless of course you’re my close friend and you know all about him.

meeting raz way toooooo often. but no one’s complaining. HAHA iloveyourazinah!!



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