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the power’s lost.

pardon the title, its rather random.

feels like its been forever that i sat down at the comp to pen thoughts.

lets see what comes out shall we.

for a while, all i did was to pack my days with things to do.

this just to ignore the constant nudge that my life feels rather empty.

the lack of purpose made me think of what someone else my age would be doing, what one would have attained.

i hope i’m not far behind.

big dreams, major plans. in the end it all boils down to one thing, surviving in tomorrow’s world.

whether its barely or flourishing, the size of it would be surviving.

T finally decided to go out and live life, couple of months before he finally surrendered his time to the nation. he seems to be having a ball. going out every night, meeting all his friends, making full use of the few months left. its funny how we never seem to take risks till something threatens the possibility of not having the chance to take risks anymore. am i making sense?

A and i started school. Its been good considering only one week has gone by. But I seem to have a good bunch of my previous classmates in my class this time. We’ll see how it goes.

Besides that, its pretty much been the same, taken a while off work to rest for a bit. been going out quite a bit too. got to go back soon though, since ive stopped taking money from my parents. feels good being independant might i add. its so new to me. and ive become more thrifty with my money. now i think twice before getting something. ahh the pleasures of growing up.

im looking for malcom galdwell books. beauty in the breakdown by dido is a mighty awesome song. i just realized that ive got so many good songs in my old computer. I really have to go down and get them soon.

Raz and I have been meeting alot these days. It never fails to amuse me how alike we are.

i realized i havent got much to update here, because ive gone back to the beginning of time. where no form of technology replaced the power of simple paper and pen. yeah, back to basics. journal writing, my favorite.

oops. i think i screwed something up. i shall log off and try to fix it.

 the only person i looked forward to.


2 Responses

  1. hoiii hallo i happened to miss u lah..so i’m being quite nice abt it and letting u know.. in case u miss me too, we cld always meet ard my 2nd home.. that is, in da east! 🙂

  2. hey… 🙂

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