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just a big disguise

It seems like its been forever since I sat down to write for myself. School’s been hectic, with assignments and projects due. We seem to be so focused on advertising this semester, probably because of the lecturer. Having someone with experience from OandM is really something to brag about. When I see her,talk of how she had to sell ads to her clients, she had a look, one tough to describe but yet when you see it you know, she loved what she did, all heart and soul. I wonder if thats how I’d feel in 25yrs about my job.

School officially ends in November, which means…I seem to be talking about it in practically every post. But what seems more important. I was reading Anita Brokner, running away from it all seemed like the perfect idea. You run away hoping things will be better when you return, and once you have enough strength to do so, you realize you don’t have he heart. Somehow, what you were anticipating doesn’t entice. Maybe thats what running away is supposed to be, its supposed to dispose of the “return” feeling.

You run, and you never look back.


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