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the island of irresistable bargains.

Asians wouldn’t crack their head over that destination,Bangkok.

It was full of wonderful street markets, which means, “lower” “lower” are the only words blossoming from our lips. Amazing would be an understatement to describe the food, its hot!

However, being raised in Singapore, I have a certain expectation for service. And if there’s anything I realized in Bangkok, its that, the poorer the people seem, the nicer they are. Staff in their regular malls were so bad, I think I lost my temper in every bloody store I stepped into.

I would love to visit Bangkok with my friends, we would be able to enjoy ourselves whole heartedly. Or infact, even with my family alone would be divine.

Talks of going elsewhere seem to be surfacing. I hope it would be a short one. I like short holidays, and long ones are taxing on the dogs. If they do plan long vacations, and if I were to be working, I doubt I would do anything to jepordize my work. Being way below the status of an amatuer, I doubt I would be in a position to put my feet up.

A splash of color to jazz up my post.


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