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I was boasting to Razinah how this blog was going to colored with tons of pictures.

Seeing as how I’ve only got one post as of now, I really wonder how that’s going to happen.

Over some barbequed chicken, we both talked about what we knew best; family woesssss.

Verbally abusing our situation is what we’re best at, and that’s what we did.

Families, be it of Indian ethnicity, Malay or Chinese, all boil down to the same thing lah.

Its the same situation everywhere..

Anyway, in the spirit of revamping the blog, I shall now attempt to put up a picture!

There we go! Just a simple picture from my 21st(:

lets see how this works.


2 Responses

  1. why do you seem so tall in this picture??? haha… that’s a trick!

  2. the trick is called……….being talll!!!

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