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Why do you think?

I was browsing through my emails when a small window popped up, say HI!

It was you last night. I totally forgot that you could actually talk on email these days.

Sivan did it with me once. HAHAHA. It felt weird. Anyway, that’s besides the point.

As we talked about my birthday and Deepavali, your trip and accident. And how cool it was to ski into a tree, it hit me, out of nowhere, how much I actually missed talking to you. All your wonderful stories, antics and punchlines to punctuate your not so funny jokes.

I ditched GA for you man. You should be honoured. I rarely do that for anyone.

Then came the inevitable. Of everything we talked about, this question keeps ringing in my head; Why do you think you’re alone?

Its easy when you’re not having a face to face conversation, you just bullshit your way through. Its worked countless number of times. Thank you for seeing right through it all.

Anyway, Ive been such a bum la. Sleeping at 3plus4. GA’s coming to an end. But that doesn’t mark the end of my bumming days. There’s UB, Studio60, MIT, PP!!! Wow, can’t remember the last time I sat in front of the computer for so long..

PS. Angie, SUCKERRRRRR. I’m going to be done with GA!

Okay time for the picture of the day.

Thats four of us, having a little fun before going up to my perimma’s house on Deepavali morning. Captured by my retarded younger brother(:

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