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I was talking to Pits the other night, and we had a rather short talk about religion.

He said it didn’t matter to him if his wife coverted, but his kids would certainly follow his belief.

Which led me to think, what was so good about his belief in comparison to the others?

According to him, the Catholic faith would be a good guide in life. Does that mean the other religions aren’t? Aren’t religions teaching you the same thing? To be a morally right person and to believe in a higher power?

After speaking to Ivan, religion goes beyond ethical beliefs. it extends to life and death and the afterlife. Do you really know what happens after death? Its a belief. So it being a belief, we should be able to be given the right to believe in it, not use it as an excuse to divide, right?

When you look at everything that happens today, religion has more than become something of a belief, one disregards a particular belief, trouble stirs, it no longer just means, you believe, i believe. Everyone everywhere is imposing one thing or another unto everyone.

Do you see it happening?


2 Responses

  1. yup, i could definitely see it happening. Everybody is boasting that their religion is better. Why must they convince others? What do they get by proving that their religion is better? There is no religion which teaches you to be bad. The bottom line is your belief and each individual has to make their own judgement and decision. Ok… Where’s your pic for this entry hehe

  2. eh shit, i forgot about the picture, and for the one i just posted. awwwww!hahahaha, the next one la k.

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