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HOHOHOHO. my most favored laughter has finally come to good use once again this year!
BUT, before I go on, Happy happy birthday darling razinah!! Welcome to the dark side(;
Soon we would welcome Bazilah with open arms:D I feel sinister, but I’m not la.

Anyways, christmas was spent playing monopoly this year. In comparison to the past years, this one, we could actually remember the next morning! Thank heavens.

Besides that, I’ve still been an avid fan of the tv shows online. I just finished watching Felicity’s first season, if anyone is aware of any other website besides alluc, please do let me know. Don’t be stingy now…

These online websites don’t really have the shows that used to air when I was in primary school.. The ones that mummy used to scold me for tuning in to because it was on so late.. Shows like Felicity, Once and Again…yummy(:

Besides that, all’s well for now. Doing nothing doesn’t really require much energy thus allowing my brain to block out all logical thought, which I’m not complaining about.
However, as the year draws to a close, everything that is supposed to run through my head does take the usual spin.
Can’t be helped..

But tv helps!


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