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It has been very long hasn’t it…
I just got back from work, yup OT!
I swear on my not so important life, OT has never brought such a huge smile to my face.
This morning, while on OT, I met a guy. We talked for an entire hour.
While talking to him, he made me realize one thing, and wasn’t afraid to say it.
We might be standing on different parts of the world, might want so many different things in life.
But the one fact that we’re both yearning for what each other has talks of the huge similarity we share.
So he might not have said it in those exact words, but that was the bulk of it. As i sat through the bus ride home, I kept thinking to myself how true that was. How that one hour made me realize so many things I never even remotely thought of.

Just because life on this side seems dull doesnt necessarily mean life one the other is all peaches and cream. Secondly, just because it isn’t all peaches and cream doesn’t mean it won’t taste as sweet as you wanted it to. You want something, you get it. Fight really hard for it, and though once you’ve achieved it, you’d probably bask in it for the shortest time possible, YOU MADE IT.
You finally did, all those years of wanting it, has finally paid off. And that satisfaction alone is enough to last you a lifetime. Whatever it is you want, fight for it. Even if it means going to the end of the world, do it. Cos the journey is so fulfilling even if the end result isn’t what you had in mind.

Talking to him made me think of all I had surrounding me. It might be my cup of tea, but it sure is alot. Life can be so different though we’re both living in the same country. Everyone has their own perspective, their own view and take. And no one’s right, no one’s wrong.

You’re supposed to do what you want to do. You’re not supposed to carve your life according to societal norms. Its your life (as cliche as that sounds). Whats morally right and wrong? Morals isn’t something thats put in you, its something that feels right to you. To you and only you. So what if the entire world is going out and killing everyone else? Do you like the use of violence to solve situations?

Lastly, if you die bungee jumping, hey you died trying. Everything involves risk. Leaving the safety net built by your parents involves a lot of risk. Entering a new environment involves risk.
If you’re not up to taking the risk, the you most probably shouldn’t. Eventually, you’re the only one living with the consequences. Big decisions involve a ton of assesment. You have to realize that, you don’t jump to a conclusion because everyone seems to do so. You have a mind of your own, you’re an individual. You have the right to do so.

Today started out perfect.

After you left, I did try going out, I did try meeting new people. But I gave up. Why did I have to introduce authors, music to someone? Wasn’t there anyone out there like you? Who shared my interest in reading? In staying home to good music? Then I got tired of looking, then I forgot about looking, then eventually, I got comfortable alone. Today, when I met him, I realized why the world is so big. I remembered once again why I wanted to get out. The world’s so huge. There’s a ton of people who are like me, so they’re not here, but Ive still got the rest of the huge huge world! Today when I met him, I remembered again. Similarities, there were similarities the first time! The last time I had that was when I met you. When I lost you, I gave up. It was really comforting to see him. To remember again.

Now the thought that I forgot, scares me. Life moves too fast. It moves so quickly, I forget. In the rush of daily things, I forget whats out there. In making it here, I forget what I wanted in the beginning. It’s true isn’t it. You lose meaning of life fighting to survive. I’m afraid that’s happening. Thank heavens this happened. Now I remember. And I have to keep remembering. I don’t want to forget who I am.


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