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Chinese New Year

I made money, I liked gambling this year! I won!! Hahahaha(:

Being over at Charlene’s made me realize how much I missed her!! I seemed to have stopped meeting my friends for a while.

However, Angie and Sangeet Ive been seeing on a regular basis.

I need a break from that, and to move on to the rest. Hahaha.

So Ive got tons of people to meet.

Talking to Charlene really did get a load of my chest. Im glad for people like her. I managed to freely get things off. And I have to say I haven’t done that in the longest time.It was like getting the perspective from someone I believed in.

Well well well, it’s going to be a bit hard, with absolutely zero cash flow. But I’ll figure something out. I always do.

Bazilah! Thanks for the email. It gives me hope!! WOOOO.


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