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To see the world with my eyes

I’ll tell you the truth. Its up to you to see it my way.

Being brought up here, life seemed to have one route.

Having decided to be different, i took the alternative route.

Can’t say it’s done me proud. Can’t say its brought me far.

I’m in my twenties, and Ive got nothing to call my own.

Besides a family and a handful of good friends, I haven’t got anything to be proud of.

Leading the life of a bum sounds amazing, especially after studying for years end. However, on many lonely nights(by choice) I’m left to think about my life or the lack thereof.

Last night, while talking to Garry, all I could think of was maybe there was a life out there for me to grab. I’m sure you’ve seen the trend, in my posts, all I seem to talk about is my lack of plans. There seems to be many more people out there similar to me. People willing to survive on 800dollars a month, doing what drives them.

If I stay here, I’ll lose the drive and motivation. I’ll lose my passion. In the words of Aaron, the market’s too saturated. I would barely survive here. With the high cost of living, passion is going to hold strong next to survival. Competition between peers is going to be a strong influence if I keep trying to have a go at it here.

I’ll forget it all. Its easy to give up every comfort provided here when I think of what keeps me alive on a daily basis. The dream of getting out is enough to leave everything I’ve built here. Isn’t it true? Eventually, don’t you have to do whats best for you?

The only question lingering now is, if the outside world is the right place for me. If it will be alot more welcoming then my homeland. Will it give me the chance, I’m willing to work so hard for?


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