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A new job and more.

I started work at the hospital today. I have to say the job doesn’t need much. Not exactly the kind of job I would have wanted a few months ago, but things change, right?

The perks are working with Razinah and Bazilah just across. Lunch today was rather nostalgic when I think about it now.. It felt like those days when we used to slack at mcds amidst classes. Feels like old times, except for the fact that we’re all in a very different situation now.

We hung out after work, which the mother wasn’t very pleased about. Can’t blame her. 7 in the morning isn’t a joke. I was weak walking home, for the first time.

Anyways, all we talked about throughout coffee. All this has come to an end. Together with this new job comes a new resolution a quarter into the year. I don’t need what I feel right now, and Ive lived with it for quite a while. This whole thing threw me off balance and that is a position I’m not willing to walk into. So after all that yakyak, Ive decided to look past all the subtle or not hints. I’m good now, and even if I were to be lying to you right now (thus you thinking i’m not good), I have problems on my own to deal with, and this particular situation i’m mulling over is redundant. Finito-



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