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A new beginning.

Thursday marked the last day at SGH. I finally called an end to the endless paperwork infront of a computer.

20th would mark the beginning of something alot more “challenging and sexy”, hopefully.

Till then, I’m going to soak up the sun and revel in the pure bliss of having nothing to do.

Cathay is the organization that gave me a chance, replenished my extinguishing hope in today’s world of dying opportunities. Let us all pray it will take me far.

This weekend would be my dad’s birthday and of course, Mothers Day.  

Other than that, nothing eventful has taken place, plans for next week seems rather hectic in a good way. Alot of laying back and meeting up with old friends, which is way over due.

Ever read anything that makes your hair stand? Even seen a caption from somewhere indifferent that makes you stop and think time and again? Ever felt, how simple words from a mere stranger could put a smile on your face? That is the power, words, have.

A simple line or two from someone unexpected, how it can make you think of something you never would have, stirs an emotion in you, you never thought existed. I have never really been able to comprehend the power of words, till I took the time out to pay attention to songs, pick up a book that caught my eye, or stop to make out the random doodling of a secondary school student on a table. Words play a huge part in my life. The ability to have a conversation that makes you stop and think, reminisce or even makes you surge forward with anger. That is the power of words.

I cannot really recall the first thing that made me fascinated with words. But it has been with me for the longest time. I remember, my dad always telling me to carry a dictionary everywhere I go, to always have a dictionary with me when I read a book. I used to do that, hahaha, I always carried a pocket one in my bag. Nowadays, I can’t really carry a pocket dictionary around but the habit of looking words up a dictionary has stuck to me. When I can’t look up the meaning, I always have a pen and paper to jot the word down, for further clarification.

I don’t really know, why I’m writing this down. But i’m hoping that’s the use of having a journal. Penning down random thoughts that no one is interested in hearing you yammer on about. Oh well, I hope I one day have the ability to make people feel the way they do when they read a book that stays with them, forever. Like how To Kill A Mocking Bird just never leaves you. Or how Hemingway took pride in confiding in an imaginery friend.

When reading a book, takes you to another time, another place, where the words actually give you a glimpse of life somewhere else. The way the words describe a scenario, a place of ancient times, or how they are able to put into words a feeling you never could describe. How you somehow are able to shed a tear for the anguish the boy in the story faces. Thats the power of words. And everyday, I am reminded once again of its strength.

That was me a little off track for a while.


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