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The end of a weekend!

It was a good weekend. Mothers Day and Papa’s birthday is done. Now mommy’s birthday and fathers day remains. It was a pretty chill out way of celebrating the events. We had dinner at The Lagoon. My two cousins and I managed to steal an entire hut for our family, which is quite the accomplishment if you ask me. Five families in one area. Huge accomplishment!

After dinner, we headed to the airport for coffee, where Joanne, Vinod and I decided to be a little insane. Shake a little steam off, perhaps? So the camwhoring began. I barely remember the pictures, but what I do remember is going a little crazy. That basically gives you a rather vivid picture of what might have happened.

The week is going to begin. I’m glad to have the week off. Got to recuperate, clear my head.

I cannot wait for Saturday’s barbeque at Geet’s place. And the day off at her club. Ahhhhhhhh, that really sounds inviting.

Here’s a little peak at last night’s camwhoring insanity.

Attack of the hair slapper!



Madonna wannabe


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