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A brand new start

Which isn’t looking as perky as i thought it would. But I will conquer it nonetheless. HAHAHAHA. A warrior moment.

Anyways, I don’t really have much to say about the new job. To learn the ropes of my position, I will first have to learn the ropes of the game; which means (yes) I have to begin at the bottom. Ins and outs of how the managment works. So I am now at the box office, trying to master the ticketing.

After this, I will have to learn the tricks of the FnB sector. After which, I will finally get to lay my hands on my own reponsibilities, which might be the cause of my consistent grim look. All for a better future. Seems worth my while.

I am surrounded by malay people, constantly chattering away in malay. Makes me wonder, how I am ever going to get in, get to know them, you know, just to blend in? Okay, not blend in, but at least get along. It just feels extremely weird being outnumbered by the people whom are usually in the same situation as me(outnumbered). I’ll just take it slowly, one step at a time.

I just need to prove my worth to 2 people. And its a good thing one of them seems to show up in the office everyday despite have her own area in the building. Might be easier to impress, and easier to scrutinize my wrongs.

So thats work, despite being there for just 3 days, I seem worn out. Yes it is wholly due to the fact that I have been majorly bumming.

New job, new lifestyle. New motto. No new habits though(: Work, home, work, home. Everytime I get a job, I become so involved in it, I lose sight of everything else, finally, I feel losing sight of everything else would be to my benefit now. Being overly involved in my job at this juncture can’t take me anyway but up, right? I really hope I don’t regret this post in 3 months or so.

Here’s a little random thought; I will finally be satisfied, if I’m 40 with a good career and a husband who watches movies with me, and holds my hand:)


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