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Record breaking!

For the first time in two weeks, work ended promptly at 6. Box office and I seem to be done for now.

I have been thrust into the unknown world of ushering. People there don’t seem any more friendly. Okay maybe, just MAYBE the problem lies with me. I really do not know how to talk to them. What might interest them? Would we have anything to talk about?

Last night, work ended at one. The managers on duty were D and A. The manager that was supposed to do my closing, miscalculated and told me I was short of 11odd dollars. Thank heavens despite it being 12plus, I still asked her what went wrong, and she realized she missed a voucher thus reducing the amount to the initial amount of which I was aware of. What does that say?

The other manager, I haven’t really got much to speak of. He seems alright, but according to the people who have been there longer, he’s got his moods, then again, who doesn’t? And he’s chinese. Which seems to be a perk for me, because that makes us both the minority! I should use that to my advantage and try to hold a proper conversation with him the next time he initiates one.

Anyway, as were waited over an hour for the cabs last night, he started talking about dogs to the malay guys. (I KNOW) How ironic. While I could have put in my two cents, thus trying to create a bearable situation, I retreated in to my hold and sat in a corner, reading my book. HAHAHA. I know. I’m not any good at making small talk. I should learn to. I mean, I am learning. Trying to. Who knew it would be this hard. Being a full timer doesn’t give you the ability to speak freely, as a part timer would have. I have alot riding on this, one wrong move, and i might spiral downwards. Thus, I have to be extra careful, and what better way to do that then to just shut up right?

Okay, I’m going to try. At least with the chinese manager. One by one. He seems like someone who might be able to hold a decent conversation. HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, I don’t know about the rest. I shall take it one step at a time okay.

Oh dearest nienwhye. Thank you so much for taking the effort to spend time with me during my miserable lunchbreak. That took the cake. No friend has ever come out of their way to have lunch with me. You came from home, armed with warm soup, and went back home. I really cannot remember the last time someone did that. I feel all warm and good inside. To know that I do really have friends who are willing to do such, even when they’re bumming. I know for a fact, being on time, is something I can never be counted on for. So for that I am very grateful. It was nice to be able to talk to someone, someone on my side amidst work. Thank you.


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