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An evening out.

Ever since I started work at SGH, I didn’t really devote time to one of my favorite activites; good food. Today, I met Hanyang for an early dinner, and we went gallavanting around town. To be out and about, in my berms and a plain tshirt and most importantly my havainnas felt like pure bliss.

We had dinner at Spaggedies(?), Paragon after not much thought. We just wanted good proper solid food, for myself because it sure has been a while, for him because it would be one of the few last good ones. So eat we did, indeed. Main course each for ourselves, a lasagna, and a wonderful spread of prime combo as an appetizer. Between the both of us, dinner came to 100dollars, very well spent I must say! It sure has been a while, we ate, spoke, laughed like goons. It really felt good to just sit in a nice corner booth, no holds barred with a friend over good food and avid conversation.

We then walked around, surprised that we weren’t dragged into the insanity of the sales going on. We then left to pick Bevan up, but not before arming ourselves with some good old kueh for our pasir ris park session.

The park was dimly lit, with the wind angry, us smoking and talking as much nonsense as possible.

After which Brendan and Zhi Chong joined us, which brought upon the dark sky, inviting the rain.

What followed, reminded me of those nights a bunch of boys and I were very used to. And participating in their antics made me feel all young and childish again. Sneaking into places, running around like kids in the rain. Yes, it reminded me of better times, when life was carefree.

Tonight, with Hanyang and the boys, I was without a worry, constantly laughing. Being absolute children and loving it. Tonight is an example of nights I would like to have frequently. With the car, Hanyang was king! Singing to all to familiar songs, talking about everything and anything.

Tonight was a good night. It was a very good night.


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