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Goodbyes aren’t all that pleasant!

You take a moment, think back at what drove you in the past?

Do you remember the dreams you had? Do you remember the things you promised to do in the future?

I was looking through my wardrobe for a pair of pants, and i came across a small clingwrapped book. It was this small notebook, one I found rather familiar. It was a journal, made of tiny pieces of paper strung together. In that small space, I wrote how I would forever be in love with you. Even if life dealt us both alone, my heart would lay with you forever. That was dated apr23 2002. Funny how life comes a long way.

While reading the next entry, I heaved a sigh of relief, at least somethings haven’t changed. I would like to see Venice, Dublin, Limoges, Rennes, Florence and Capetown. I still would love to.

So it was in my old duffel bag, but it wasn’t going back in there.  Last night, I went down, to the bridge. I smoked my cigarette, and I burnt that little piece of history. I just hate holding on to anything that remotely reminds me of you. And I bid you farewell, lover!


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