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to be continued.

Despite all words written, and all feelings felt. The time has arrived. I no longer deem putting up with this as useful. Being in the organization has brought to light, things I now begin to fear. What you spoke of seems so far away from the truth. Having to withstand my current situation seems hopeless when the path seems to lead to anywhere but one in my favor.

I know, it has only been a short duration. But this stay has shown me what I really want, which is definitely not what is being given to me here.

Therefore, my search for something better, something closer to what i’ve been yearning for continues.

Choosing to refer to you as non existant came out rather quickly. Its about time, I start fresh. Leaving you behind, any memory, any resmeblance, any significance has been left behind.                        

Seems pretty easy to do from the outside.


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