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Something bigger

Life doesn’t necessarily revolve around what we believe to be of utmost importance.

There is an old egyptian belief, that at the gates of heaven, two questions have to be answered.

Did you find joy in your life?

Did you bring joy into others’ lives?

Can you truly answer these two questions? To believe to have found joy goes beyond pure satisfaction in life.

Have you been oblivious to the greater things in life? Have you been around long enough to know the difference between the most important things and the superficial ones?

Do you believe in the greater good of mankind?

Are you here just to live your own life, or to ensure your life was meaninful to others? What do you leave behind? People who knew you for what you were individually, or what you meant to others around you?

Do you have it in you, to believe life is bigger than you? That life not necessarily revolves around you, but the people around you?

 A life well lived is to know that when you exit, you’ve done the best you can to everyone around you, in what little way possible.

To know that life was all that it could possibly have been, is to know that you have helped and been helped in return.

To know that you have loved, and been loved in return.

That is the one thing that differentiates mankind from the rest, our ability to love and feel. We should learn to make the most of our varying emotions and our profound ability to love.

There is enough to go around, are you willing to share?


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