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And then you start to realize.

To realize that what you have right now, is entirely different from what you wanted in the beginning. But somehow or rather, you caved and gave in to what you had been handed. Somehow you lost the ability to fight. And if you go long enough, the fight that you thought maybe you would have to put up with in future has disappeared simply because you walked right away from what might have been handed to you in one point or another.

Then one fine day when you’re too old to fight, you sit back pondering over the lousy life you seem to lead, working everyday till you’re 65, you think of all the fights that were handed to you and curse and swear over the times you had the choice to fight, but didn’t.

That isn’t how it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be better. You were supposed to fight while you had the chance. And now, all of a sudden it’s too late.

I think that is exactly what I’m walking in to, if  I don’t realize what I am supposed to be fighting for and I settle for what is being given to me. I’m going to end up like the old man that lives down the street, yammering on and on about the life I ouht to have lived.

Oh fuck!


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  1. hey, i decided to join you. let us all unite in wordpress!!! hahaha

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