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I happen to like green tea:)

The first picture was back in 2004, the both of us were the only ones not wearing red;)

And the rest are from the recent Cameron trip. My mom and I, and my tiny family made of buffalos! We’re big, happy people:)

And so, I was anticipating the new year.

Now that, that’s come and gone. I haven’t really got much to look forward to.

This year rolled in, without the hustle and bustle I was so used to.

For one, I was actually sober.

I predict this year, though going to move fast (as you can already tell) is going to be greatly slow, metaphorically.

No expectations.

Last year came and went, and I accomplished nothing.

If you consider getting a job, I have zero interest in, an accomplishment, then hurray.

Sure, roll your eyes, the population finds itself with increasing unemployment, and here I am grumbling about a stable paycheck.

Guess I just expected more out of myself. The reason why I stayed away from any form of distraction.

I’m going to let 2009 roll by, then I’m off to school. I’m not going to wait any longer. I’ll just pay through my ass for the next 20 years. I can’t go on any longer. Knowing that what I want and what I have are on two opposite ends of the grey rainbow.

I can’t help but once again, feel that its so bloody monotonous. I just might blow my brains out.

On a lighter note, after an entire year rolled by without me lying around doing fuckall, we are heading to Bali next month.

I get mental orgasms just thinking of the empty sands, blue water and all that beer thats going to fill my empty empty stomach. I cannot wait. This is long overdue, long long overdue.

I hope I have something to look forward to everyday, so I wouldn’t feel so ?


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