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No longer a virgin!

Hi everyone! Excited by the title? So am I! Hahahaha!!!!

Okay, lets burst that dirty little bubble of yours. I am no longer a virgin of in-patient medical care!

Ooooops, awwwww, aren’t you bummed! Sorry!

Yes, finally, after 23 long years of waiting (yes, i am 23, move on!), I have finally done it. I became a patient at Changi General Hospital on January 27th 2010. What an experience. I have to say, all my life, well, as long CGH has been around, people have always been telling me how awful CGH is. Doctors who never come round with answers, nurses who simply couldn’t care less. Fortunately, my experience fell on the opposite end of the spectrum, thankfully. Doctors were funny, entertaining, very obliging. Nurses were kind and VERY helpful. My first experience of an overnight stay at a hospital 🙂 What an accomplishment!

What a nice way to start the new year, I actually mean it, despite everything that’s been going on. Blessing in disguise! Hehe.

Alright! Just wanted to jot this down, if I were to ever need a reminder.


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