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As you grow older, you get all these dreams, of who you’re going to become and how great life’s going to be for you. That was when you were pretty young.

Then all of a sudden, you’ve graduated with a diploma. Life suddenly doesn’t seem all that easy. Where are you supposed to get the funds for your college?Oh right, the bank! Now you’ve got your degree, looks like every other tom, dick or harry has too. Suddenly your dream job requires a lot more. So you settle, not for second best, but for whatever comes your way.

10 years have gone, you’re now a senior associate. You’ve just finished paying the bank for your education. You fell in love, you have 2 more mouths to feed. A holiday for your family is not in the books.

Another 10years have gone, half the money you make goes out the window, your kid, your house, the small car you drive to work.

Another 10 years go by, you’re a senior citizen. Your kid’s all grown up and life’s passed you by.

Life didn’t quite turn out the way you planned, did it?


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